Christian Professors Make a Difference

Sociologist Christian Smith of Notre Dame
Sociologist Christian Smith of Notre Dame

Go to college and lose your faith? Less likely now than in years past.

Sociologist Christian Smith of Notre Dame relays this encouraging information:
“among recently surveyed college students, 2.7 times more report that their religious beliefs have strengthened during their college experience than say their beliefs weakened.”

Dr. Smith traces this “clearly perceptible” change to the 1990’s. He credits it in part to an increase in committed Christian professors, both evangelical and Catholic, at secular universities in the U.S.

He also notes that we are now in a post-secular era, in which religious topics are no longer automatically dismissed as “anti-scientific”:

“American culture and perhaps Western culture seems to have shifted from a secular to a post-secular era in which secularist assumptions are no longer simply taken for granted but are rather on the table for questioning and religion is increasingly considered a legitimate topic of discussion.”

Since 1981, Faculty Commons has been sharing the gospel with professors, plus mobilizing and equipping those who are already believers to share the good news with their colleagues and students. We too are seeing a shift toward an interest in spiritual issues among professors.

What a terrific time to be proclaiming the good news of God’s love and forgiveness to this strategic group of people!

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