Meet Daryl and Ceil

Cru staff since 1979, we currently serve with Faculty Commons, Cru’s ministry to college professors. We work alongside a staff team of 80 nationwide to mobilize and equip professors to bring the hope of Jesus to their colleagues and students–on their home campuses and around the world.

Our Ministry Journey

Assignment Italy (2016-2017)Family Pic Xmas 2015 reduced

Now that we are empty-nesters, we have added to our Faculty Commons duties a one-year assignment with Cru’s national office in Italy. Beginning in July 2016, we will leverage our 37 years of experience with seven different Cru ministries to help this team build a spiritual movement in Italy.  More details are here.

Faculty Commons (2000-present)2010 Colorado Mountains

Daryl recruits resources for Faculty Commons’ mission and equips our staff and professors through our conferences and online materials. Ceil works with professors at Southern Methodist University, plus collects and writes stories about the impact Christian professors are having worldwide. Together, we recruit and lead teams of Christian professors to minister internationally alongside American Cru students and staff in Italy and England.

Grad Resources Ministry (1998-2000)Amy & Emily with toddler Jamie

Daryl served as Director of Operations for Campus Crusade’s ministry to graduate students. The vision was reaching graduate students for Christ–men and women who were preparing to be lawyers, medical doctors, politicians and other highly influential professions. Ceil was busy at home with the addition of our third daughter, Jamie and the home schooling of our two oldest, Amy and Emily.

National Ministries Team (1991-1998)1993 with Amy & Emily

Daryl used his organizational management experience and his computer skills to assist other Campus Crusade ministries nationwide, including Single Life Resources and the Military Ministry. With two young children (Amy and Emily) at home, Ceil focused her ministry through our local church.

Josh McDowell Ministry (1984-1991)
1987 with baby Amy

We were impressed with the impact of Josh’s evangelistic visits to college campuses. So in 1984, we moved south to join his team in Dallas. Daryl built Josh’s data processing department from scratch, eventually rising to be Director of Operations for the whole ministry. Ceil served as Josh’s scheduling coordinator for his many speaking engagements each year. In 1986, we helped Josh launch his Why Wait campaign, which proved to be a culture-changing promotion of abstinence-based sex education.

Campus Ministry at Mich. Tech. University (1982-1984)
1983 Michigan Tech

We spent two years in the frozen north ministering to college students at Daryl’s alma mater. Of the students we discipled there, nine went into full-time Christian work themselves, and many more are having fruitful ministries in their communities and churches.

Music Ministry (1981-1982)
1981 on the road with Santa Fe

As newlyweds, we packed our suitcases and traveled all over the eastern half of the USA in an evangelistic rock band called Santa Fe. From Fargo, North Dakota to Daytona Beach, Florida, we covered 15,000 miles, performing for 8,000 students on 20 college campuses. Daryl had a beard and lots of hair!

Campus Crusade Headquarters (1979-1981)
1980 Newly Engaged

During our “rookie years,” Daryl served on the Computer Services team, and Ceil was secretary to the National Director of the Music Ministry. It was here that we met and married in December 1980. We “moonlighted” in an evangelistic jazz/rock band with some fellow Campus Crusade staff.